Terms & Conditions of Dental Plans for Williamstown Dental Centre

Plans are strictly non transferable & none of the benefits can be transferred from one individual to another.

A new patient may only join a Maintenance Plan after a Consultation with one of our dentists.

  In cases where 2 hygienist or cleaning visits are included in the plan benefits, then there shall be an interval of no less than 6 months between visits. The first visit to the hygienist qualifies 3 months after joining the plan.
  In cases where 2 examinations are included in the plan benefits, then there shall be an interval of no less than 6 months between visits.
v All maintenance plans are designed to keep the patient in their current healthy status at the time of joining the plan
v Williamstown Dental Centre reserves the right to refuse an individual(s) from joining a maintainance plan without explanation
v Williamstown Dental Centre reserves the right to cancel an individual(s) plan(s) membership at their discretion
v A hygienist visit will be upto 30 minutes of time. Any additional time necessary over and above this will be charged at the normal surgery rate.
v A dental examination under the plans does not include any x-rays and these will be added to the patients fees at the appropriate rate as dictated by the individual plan.
v The practice still reserves the right to charge for failed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. The rate being €25 per half hour, or part of, for dental hygienist appointments, and €40 per half hour or part of for dentist appointments. This rate is applicable to all patients and may only be waived at the discretion of the practice.
v The practice will give the patient 3 months notice of any intention to alter the regular monthly direct debit subscription fees.
v Should a patient no longer wish to be a member of the patient plans scheme they must give 4 weeks notice to Williamstown Dental Centre in writing or by email
v Failed direct debits will incur an administrative fee of €5 for each returned direct debits.
v Stopped direct debits, without informing Williamstown Dental Centre, will terminate the scheme with immediate effect from the time of no payment being received. An administrative fee of €5 will apply for each returned direct debits.
  Patients who opt to leave the plansand then opt to rejoin the plan at a later date are subject to an administative sign up fee of €5
v Patients on the under 19 plan will automatically be transferred to the adult private plan on reaching their 19th birthday and the new rate will commence on the date of the first payment after having reached their 19th birthday unless otherwise instructed to cease the plan.
v Patients whose status changes from PRSI qualified to PRSI not qualified will be liable to pay the difference in fees of the respective plans from the date that their status changed.
v Patients whose status changes from PRSI not qualified to PRSI qualified will be eligible to switch plans and reduce their monthly contributions from the time of confirmation of eligibility for PRSI benefit
v To qualify for the student patient plan the applicant must be in full time third level education at a University or Institute of Technology and have a valid student card with photo id which must be presented at each of the dental appointments
v Subscriptions paid cannot be used to offset other dental fees or transferred to other individualsin lieu of reduced attendance

There is no guarantee by Williamstown Dental Centre that a patient will be seen by a particular dentist or hygienist to which the patient signs up to on the plan. However, every endeavour will be made by the practice to accommodate the patient in this respect.


Discounts on fees will only apply if fees are paid on the day of appointment and no credit or accounts will be furnished

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