Patient Health Check Plan

This plan is for patients who would like the security of knowing that they are covered by the World Wide Dental Accident & Emergency Insurance and they have an oral examination annually to check the teeth, gums & periodontal condition, & oral cancer screening

By signing up for this plan for a fee of €4.60 per month, each person is entitled to the following benefits within our practice:

1Oral Examination per annum
v 10% off Oral Hygiene products purchased within the practice
v Access to practice on call system
v Includes Worldwide Accident & Emergency Dental Cover

All the above for a monthly fee of only 4.60

Please note that as of 30/1/17, the last collection we will process which will include Worldwide Dental A&E insurance on the above plans will be 4th March 2017. Following this collection, patients will be covered under the Insurance until the 3rd April 2017. We are currently switching our patients to a new direct debit mandate which will give all the benefits apart from the A&E Insuarance. The Under 16 plan will now be extended to under 19yrs of age & thereafter transfers to an adult plan or student plan.

Health Check Patient Maintainance Plan:  €3.75/ month




This plan can operate in conjunction with other health insurance plans such as VHI, Aviva, Hospital Saturday Fund, ESB scheme and St Pauls Garda Medical Aid. h
Term & Conditions apply...
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